Hank Thomas
North Somewhere
North Somewhere
I was drivin' through North Somewhere, On my way to see my Dad.
He was old and feelin' weary, a few more days was all he had.
If I can make it throught this wind and rain, I can be there by tonight.
So I'm drivin' through North Somewhere, Hopin' everything's alright.

It doesn't seem like many years ago, I left his house and home.
Gonna start out on my new life, raise a family of my own.
But 3,000 sunsets later, I'm sittin' in this van.
Drivin' through North Somewhere, To say goodbye to my old man.

All the mem'ries of those happy times all come back to him.
Playin' ball out in the side yard, at the lake for a Sunday swim.
Playin' guitars in the parlor, singin' songs with all his friends.
So now I'm drivin' through North Somewhere, just to see him once again.

As I pull into the driveway, seems like everybody's there.
I see my brother and my sisters, Momma's sittin' by his bed.
As he reaches out to shake my hand, his grip is firm and strong.
Then he smiles and winks, and laughs out loud, hopin' we all play along.

Just a couple hours later, He closed his eyes and went to sleep.
So I leave it to The Good Lord, for my Daddy's soul to keep.
And as I look out on my own two boys, I pray they, never see,
The day they're drivin' through North Somewhere, to say goodbye to me.

I was drivin' through North Somewhere, I was goin' to see my Dad.
Lyrics Credits: T. LaFlesh
Music Credits: Hank Thomas
Producer Credits: T. LaFlesh
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Hank Thomas W/Penny Balocki on mandolin
Label Credits: ThunderHead Records
Short Song Description:
Traveling "back home" to see dying father.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 4:02
Primary Genre: Country-Bluegrass
Secondary Genre: Country-Traditional
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Father