Hank Thomas
She Ate Me Up, Online
She Ate Me Up Online

I had a girl I liked a lot, I thought the good lord had made her just for me
But she felt I was a little slow, communicatin' e-lec-tronic-ly
I like to read my mail fresh out of envelopes and postcards are just fine
I guess I was behind the times, my phone's still got a rotary dial.

She pushed and prodded me to bring myself into the current century
So I got myself a laptop thing and hooked it up to wireless DSL
She set me up accounts on every social network site there is to see
When I logged in to the first one I saw a message that was waiting there for me

It said, "Hello boy we're breakin' up, I couldn't bear to tell you face to face
The only way I knew to get my message through was right here on MySpace.
I couldn't stand to spend another night inside that shack that you call home
I love you but I've found a man who's got a 37 room abode

She ate me up,online. One million bytes at a time

She wished me all the best, hoped that I found somebody nice like I deserved
My entire life was shattered by man that drives a Cadillac Seville
I reached out for my shotgun, Then I thought I'd better sleep on it awhile
I can kill 'em both tomorrow just as wellas I can kill 'em both tonight

I logged back in next morning just to is it was all a crazy dream
Seven hundred friend requests from pretty girls were waiting there for me.
They felt real bad the way that she had dumped on me for all the world to see
They said I seemed like a nice enough guy, could they connect with me

She ate me up,online. One million bytes at a time
I s'pose I should be cryin., but I don't really mind.
It shoulda broke my heart I guess, But somehow it's all workin' out just fine
If I start to feelin' lonely, I got Wi-Fi, I'll just get my self online.

I thought about the Twitter thing but I guess this is gonna have to do.
If you check out my new Facebook page, the whole world knows that she and I are through

She ate me up,online. One million bites at a time
I s'pose I should be cryin., but I don't really mind.
Lyrics Credits: Hank Thomas
Music Credits: Hank Thomas
Producer Credits: Him, too
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Hank Thomas & Silent Thunder
Label Credits: Thunderhead records
Short Song Description:
A man is dumped, online, but it all turns out well for him. Online, at least.
Song Length: 5:01
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Mood 1: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Brad Paisley
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later