Hank Thomas
5 Dollars
(If I Had Me)
Five Dollars

I just busted the reverb, on my old Fender amp
The left speaker?s been blown, 'bout a month and a half
And I?m doin? my best, tryin? to keep up with things
If I had me five dollars, I could buy some new strings.

I got laid off last winter, just before Christmas day
Then I slipped on a sidewalk and broke my left leg
If it gets any better, I can work by the spring
Maybe save up five dollars, and buy some new strings.

I'm just tryin? to get by, tryin? to put some away
Between the gas price and the groceries, there ain?t nothin? left
It ain?t paycheck to paycheck, it?s day by long day
But if I had me five dollars, I?d buy some new strings.

The plant?s suppossed to re- open, maybe this June
Takes me over an hour, to get this thing in tune
And the lights, they got shut off, early last week
But if I had me five dollars, I?d buy some new strings

Maybe write me a song, for some big superstar
Sell four million records, get the wife that new car
Pay off all our debt, build the house of our dreams.
Buy myself a new gui--tar, with six brand new strings,

But the muffler fell off of my Bronco today
And the furnace been sayin? some terrible things
I got all I can do, to keep from cryin? out loud
?Cause the washer just blew up, and the TV died out.

And it looks like them new strings will just have to wait.
Yeah, it looks like them new strings, will just have to wait.

. . . Say, I wonder if Driftwood?s cousin Charlie?d give me 5 dollars for that old TV . . . .

Lyrics Credits: T. LaFlesh
Music Credits: Hank Thomas
Producer Credits: Dusty Thomas
Publisher Credits: Flash Publishing
Performance Credits: Hank, Dusty and Chip Thomas
Label Credits: ThunderHead Records
Short Song Description:
A sad tale of a broke guitar player
Long Song Description:
He's broke and in need of new guitar strings, and things only get worse, but he has his hopes.
Song Length: 4:22
Primary Genre: Country-Honky Tonk
Secondary Genre: Country-Alternative
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal