Hank Thomas
The Sound Of The End
The Sound Of The End
2017 Hank Thomas/ all rights reserved

When the shots rang out, deep in the canyon
She knew that it was, the sound of the end
They said he was an outlaw, she knew he was a good man
His back to the wall, it was there he would make his last stand
She cried when she heard, the sound of the end

He was a good man, but they say he is an outlaw
His only crime was the color of his skin
Horses racing, hatred flaring
Deep in the night striking fear in the hearts of strong men
She knew that she'd heard, the sound of the end

If you live by the devil, crosses burning
The Lord up above will be your only judge in the end

She cradled his head, in her trembling hands
As he drew his last breath, she swore she would get her revenge
Rise up, resist, Lord help us persist, she was praying
Or one a time we will all hear the sound of the end.

She tried to escape, but they followed her home, white robes flowing
She drew them inside dropped that stick where they stood, torches blazing
She blew them to hell and the devil the serve, was there waiting.
It was then that they heard, the sound of the end
For ever and ever, the sound of the sound of the end

Lyrics Credits: Hank Thomas
Music Credits: Hank Thomas
Producer Credits: Hank Thomas
Publisher Credits: Hank Thomas Music
Performance Credits: Hank Thomas &Silent Thunder
Label Credits:
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Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Love it or hate it, it's just a song. Topical, perhaps . . .
Song Length: 3:55
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: Country-Alternative
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Disgust
Subject Matter 2: Sadness
Mood 1: Outraged
Mood 2: Heartbreaking
Language: English
Era: 1800 - 1899