Hank Thomas
Hot Fiddle / Fat Guitar
Lost Time (Feat. Tania Hancheroff)
Lost Time
Wait For It
Every Word
I'm My Own Grandpaw-Cover
Me & Bobby McGee
Hard Times In America 2020
My Country Rolls, My Country Rocks
Hooten's Holler
First Last Cigarette-
L'il Dobro w/David Charles
Where The Cool Wind Blows
Kinda Like You And Me
Meet Me At Sunrise
Don't Let The Old Man In
Hard Times in America
Tell Mama
Standing In The Cold
Eagle Acoustic
Them Kinda Things
Back To The Blue-Female
And The Horse You Rode In On Feat. Kayleigh Delozier
I Ain't That Kind Of Girl
Take It From An Old Friend
Born With A Broken Heart
We Prayed
Louzianna Train
I Work From Home
Gone, Long Gone
Angel From Montgomery
Ain't No Sunshine 2020
Anybody's Game
Another Day That Ends In Why w/ Bobby Caputo
Johnson's Farm
Eagle Instr.
Tears Acoustic
. . .and a Guitar I Knew How To Play
Beautiful Mind
As a Deep As It Gets
Gimme Right Now
I Don't Know Much About Love
Mile After Mile
One Foot Out The Door
One Of These Days
Other Than That (It's A Pretty Good Day)
Lucky Day
Back To The Blue
Since You've Been Gone/On A Good Day
The Sound Of The End
Nothing But The Best
End your Fantasy
El Paso Rhumba
World War 9
Wanna Betts?
Ain't No Sunshine (cover)
Sweet Lorraine-Vocal Version
If You're Leaving, Say Goodbye w/Bobby Caputo
Sloppy Seconds
Crazy 'Bout Me-instr.
Heavy Mental
Metal Hygiene
Don't Lead Me On (Instr.)
Fried Guitar
I Want My Heart Back
Why Not
Amped Up
A Miner's Lament
And The Horse You Rode In On feat. Audrey McDonald
Slow Train
The Chase
There's a Tear In The Corner (Of My Left Eye)
The 'Thing'
Till St. Peter Lets Me In
Under The Food Court Moon/w Bobby Caputo
Hot Fiddle
No Shoes Blues
For A While
Sinkin' Like A Stone
Oil & Water
I Like Whiskey
Hey Good Lookin (cover)
Right Time For Leaving w/ Mike Lusk/Tania Hacheroff
Three A.M. w/Melissa Duval
Her Love
Gradual Addiction
Who GaveYou The Right
Rainiest Of Days
Sky So Blue
Angel On My Hands
Dark 14
Minor Luxury
Seven to Three
Dreaming With My Eyes (Wide Open)
Shit Can
Justified (Vocal vers.)
I'll Pray For Peace
A Country Song (Hank Vocal)
Turn The Page (Cover)
Slow Train (Instr)
End Of The Line
Settling For Less
Still Falling
Old Red Pickup Truck
No Need To Knock
Driftwood Johnson Rides Again
Broken Into (Female Vocal)
Earle County Squirrel Rodeo
Broken Into
Path Called Life
Georgia Rain
When I get back from HOUSTON
29 Lincolns (Real Life)
She Don't Mind
Don't Bother Comin'
Money Train
My Sunshine
Black Hole
12 Pack
No Real Reason
Better Way
I didn't Know (My Mailbox Was Full)
North Somewhere
Blue Sky Day
Trash Man Blues
She Ate Me Up, Online
Guitar Slapper
Hot Date, Cool Blond
Oak Pew
Summer Rain
For Your Ears Only
In My Eyes (for Tracy Jean)
Texas Melancholy Swing
Georgia/Feat. Kerry Scott
You Are My Sunshine
Rose Tattoo
Road To Hell (REMIX)
Your Momma
Love Is What It Is
People Of The Lie w/ John Visconti
Alcohol Jive w/Phoebe Blume
Hard Whiskey
Road to Hell
A Million Times
Used to Be
Personal Legend
Jagged Road w/Ricky C. Fowler
She Was There (His Old Guitar)
By The Way (Did You Hear?)
Tears of This Old Man
Darlin' Dear
Lady & the Six-Gun
Temporary Lady
Pappy's FeedBag
Three Headed Snake Musuem
ThreeHeaded Snakes on a Plane
Pappy's Auto Ranch
As the 6-Pack Churns
Pappy Johnson Institute
Don't You Dare
5 Dollars
No Reason Why
Bad Dreams
Dark Ages
Hey Joe
Statesboro Blues (Cover)